American Organization for Immigrants (AOI), is an education and support organization dedicated to improving the lives of those who have recently arrived to the United States.  Our vision is to ensure their integration as legal permanent residents and citizens in the United States.

 We seek to provide primarily to low income and needy clients orientation on how to adapt to the cultural changes to live in Texas and in our new country, the importance of learning English and how to prepare oneself to find meaningful employment here as well as finding a place to live.  We offer help and information about the immigration process, introduce the newly arrived to existing immigrant communities as appropriate in Texas to build and maintain relationships with one another for emotional support and preserving the heritage of their origins.

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Ubicación 702 Donaldson Avenue, Suite 209, San Antonio, Tx 78201 Horas M-Thu 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday with appointment.
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